Over 20 years on from our first Kingfisher project, and having been instrumental in the delivery of IT kitchens and Cooke & Lewis, it was exciting to be part of their biggest K&B overhaul yet.


GoodHome was an international branding project of mammoth proportions, spanning the breadth of the Kingfisher Group. Encompassing way more than just kitchens and bathrooms, GoodHome is about making home improvement more accessible to all. It’s a whole new proposition for customers that delivers design-led products and services that are simple, sustainable, unique, innovative and affordable. 


In kitchens, our task was to communicate a potentially overwhelming mass of newness to the customer; new thinking, new brand, new products, new styles, new technologies, new design tools and a new customer journey. Our challenge was to inform, educate and excite in equal measures, without ignoring the inherent product complexities those in the kitchen sector will know so well. It called for some bluesky thinking, coupled with a complete understanding the customer’s decision making process. Consideration also had to be given to the international use of the collateral (namely brochures and in-store POS) including the practicality of their translation into other languages, while retaining the brand’s clear tone of voice. 


  • Advertising
  • Digital
  • Print

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