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We love working with clients who are open-minded and want to stand out from the crowd. Finborough School didn’t want to be viewed as ‘just another stuffy private school’, so our task was to help them do things differently. 


Recrafting the school crest was just the first step in bringing the marketing of this thoroughly modern thinking school bang up to date. And in line with their green objectives, the majority of our work for them is paperless, including website complete with uniform shop, classified ads and parent log-in.


But our unique style of advertising is what really set them apart and gave them an identity people could relate to. We interviewed staff, parents and pupils to find out key words that resonated with them about life at Finborough. Fabulously, words like ‘happy’ came out top again and again, and so our bold ad campaign was born. Featuring simple, everyday words that summed up what people felt about the school, the ads were striking in design and rich in colour, capturing attention and creating interest in a way an Ofsted rating never could.  


Motivational posters around the school continued the theme, building a strong and positive brand identity through all channels.


  • Advertising
  • Branding

"Since bluesky has been responsible for our marketing, our pupil numbers have increased way beyond the target we set ourselves."

James Sinclair


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