Starting with a robust and creative set of brand guidelines is one thing, but the true art of building a brand is in the day-to-day activation.


Our Iraq-based client Modex, wants to become a big name in small appliances. What they lack in budget and physical internal resources compared to the big brands, they certainly make up for with ingenuity and vision. As part of their team we are on a journey, working with them to box clever, helping them to behave, look and feel like one of th big boys. Their products are every bit as good as (and in some cases better than) the big brands. Ergonomically designed and packed with the latest technology and user features, all for a fair market price. 


With products showcased across retailers and in their own estate of shopping mall showrooms, packaging is the first and most important touchpoint with the consumer. Well engineered structurally, the range is clearly split into 2 categories – ‘core’ and ‘premium’, each reflecting subtle design differences. For example, with the ‘premium’ products no expense is spared with print finishing, incorporating spot UV varnish and metallic foils to elevate the brand and set the packs apart. Both feature high quality imagery and CGIs, capturing the product and the lifestyle perfectly. Carefully orchestrated use of the Modex interconnecting triangle pattern creates consistency across all packs whatever their orientation or size, with each packaging artwork a technical work of art allowing for positioning of folds, flaps, Arabic translations etc. 


The result is a strong on-shelf visual presence, with range architecture and navigation helped further by colour coding of the key product areas of kitchen, home and personal care. 


The pack creative dovetails perfectly with social media and other digital activity, so the brand journey from online to in-store is seamless. For customers living in Iraq and able to visit a Modex showroom, the brand experience starts with bold outdoor media outside the mall, (of the kind usually only invested in by big brands) and once inside, the interior is boutique style and high-end, with brave use of space and colour, incorporating product displays and POS.


Thinking big in small appliances is definitely starting to pay off for Modex. Today Iraq, tomorrow the rest of the world?


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