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Striking a careful balance between boldly ploughing ahead, and not upsetting the apple cart.


What started out as a specific recruitment campaign project to attract leading agricultural talent into Velcourt, soon turned into a much wider brief. On closer examination, visiting farms across the country and talking with Velcourt employees at all levels, we discovered there was a much bigger story to be told.  


We recommended a subtle rebrand, to better align the company’s visual identity with their new ethos and vision for the future. Reworking the proportions and encasing the existing logo font and  symbol into a bold block design instantly gave the brand a stronger, more professional look. It created a definite ‘badge’ effect that was easily identifiable and could be applied across a range of collateral. Retaining the company’s traditional green, we expanded the brand palette with complementary, natural earthy colours that work well across the landscapes of both their arable and dairy businesses.


We created a simple set of brand guidelines, complete with a series of templates that the whole team could use in-house to create smarter documents and reports. It’s very satisfying when you start to see a company producing its own on-brand material, with everyone singing off the same hymn sheet. It’s much more time efficient too! 


With the foundation pieces in place, it was time to address the external communications, starting with recruitment. Research and interviews with team members right across the business helped us to define our core messaging – why would someone want to work for Velcourt?


Powerful headlines and insightful body copy was written to engage our target market, utilised across conventional advertising and social media. Video, one of the most stimulating mediums of the moment was employed to great effect for harvest jobs recruitment, featuring drone footage of the amazing countryside locations of Velcourt farms and interviews with harvest workers and farm managers. As part of a Google Adwords campaign and social media and Youtube paid advertising, it generated unprecedented volumes of traffic to the vacancies section of the Velcourt website.


You can view the recruitment videos on Youtube: www.youtube.com/@velcourtfarming


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