Surrounded by beautiful rural Suffolk countryside, we’re perfectly placed to be working with agri business ProCam, marketing to the UK farming community. 


Who says agriculture has to be all tweed jackets and earthy tones? We wanted to bring a ‘ping’ of colour, and dare we say it, excitement, to an otherwise relatively conventional industry, to show ProCam’s customers there was something a bit different about them. 


We pulled out an element of their well known logo into a striking visual communication tool, developing an instantly recognisable, bright green speech bubble; a means for ProCam to ‘speak’ directly to their customers, delivering key messages and asking thought-provoking questions.


In a market that’s traditionally resistant to change, the decision to build on the familiarity of the current brand identity rather than reinvent it was a deliberate one. Our fresh new look and feel is now reaping rewards for ProCam across ad campaigns, website, newsletters, event collateral and exhibitions. Full user guidelines were produced to keep all local marketing activity at ProCam depots and offices across the country consistent and on brand.


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"We have worked for many years with Donna and her team at Bluesky and they have been instrumental in helping us create an entirely new and innovative brand identity in what is considered to be very traditional sector.

The ability to apply common sense whilst helping you to push the limits are Bluesky’s undoubted strengths."

John Bianchi


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