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Did you know that individually quick frozen fruit packs more nutritious vitamins and holds in more taste than its fresh counterparts?


Frozen fruit and veg is starting to get some of the recognition it deserves as a healthy and practical alternative to buying fresh in our supermarkets. We love working for a brand that’s so good for you! Place UK, specialist growers of the juiciest strawberries, raspberries, blueberries (and much more) supply the leading grocery retailers with their premium IQF produce. 


Our part in the food chain? To ensure their B2B comms, whether online, in print or on display, reflect the same high quality and impeccably good taste as their gorgeous fruit!


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"We have been working with Bluesky for several years. Our first engagement involved building a new web site. The team at Bluesky interpreted our ideas and needs quickly, and we are delighted with the result. Since then, they have created other marketing materials for us with very positive results. Bluesky continue to be our marketing gurus and partners of choice."

Debbie Smith

Commercial Manager

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