Dubai-based organic food brand ‘Ripe’ turned to bluesky to package and launch a tasty range of health products and superfoods.


When you’ve got over a hundred different new products to package and launch in less than three weeks, what do you do? Panic? No, you just call your old pals on the other side of the world of course!


So we fast-tracked our product learning curve and quickly immersed ourselves in the super-nutritious world of Super Matcha to Cacao Nibs, to develop an extensive range of packaging befitting the Ripe brand. Sample testing did wonders for our complexions and digestive systems!


Food packaging work isn’t just about making the product look great on-shelf and online — the devil is in the detail. Especially when it’s multi-lingual and the second language is Arabic… and the printer doesn’t speak English! Working to stringent food packaging guidelines and UAE Municipality approval processes across a 5hr time difference all heightened the pressure on this time-pressed project.


A customer-focused product sales presenter and digital assets were also produced to support the launch.


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