Jan 11

bluesky can make you ‘appy

If you’ve been thinking about how an iPhone application might be good for your business, why not let bluesky take a look at it for you.

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news / Jan 11

As iPhone apps go, they don’t get much more specialist than the one we’ve created recently for our client ‘Eat Out Local.’

It’s designed to help you navigate your way through the minefield of restaurant menus in… wait for it… South Korea! It might seem a bit random but if you’re travelling to this part of the world our app is invaluable. Having developed a guidebook to eating out in Asia, Eat Out Local saw the potential of the upcoming iPhone market and decided to turn their guide into an app. The app is great looking and extremely easy to use but the one thing that makes it streets ahead of the competition is its sheer volume of content.

It translates and explains every conceivable Korean dish, including snacks and street food. It features great photography and details their ingredients too. On touching the audio symbol it ‘speaks’ each dish to you, so you can order with confidence in the local lingo. To top all that, it also provides a helpful list of over 500 key phrases (also with audio option) to help you get about, be polite and ask all the right questions.

Understanding the correct etiquette in South Korean restaurants is crucial too – our app covers all this and more, such as smart graphics to show which part of the animal is used in different dishes and which ones are made with dog – yikes!

We designed and managed the full development of this project from initial concepts and programming, through Apple’s stringent testing and approval system to its entry for sale in the app store.

The Korea Tourism Organization aims to attract 10 million inbound visitors to South Korea for this year, which makes the Eat Out Local app vital for so many people that don’t speak the language. Add to this South Korea’s business travellers and the potential market for Eat Out Local is huge.

We plan to constantly update the app with new features and even more content. Version 1.1 is already in talks and promises to remain as the best app for eating out local in South Korea. More countries are being added to the portfolio – watch this space!

See our Eat Out Local iPhone app. Want to discuss an iPhone app for your business? Call Donna on 01449 765720.


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