Mar 12

Dream job for bluesky

Leading UK bedrooms retailer Dreams called on bluesky’s lifestyle/home products marketing expertise to inject some new thinking and creativity into their consumer literature.

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news / Mar 12

Starting with Dreams’ 2012 bedroom furniture brochure, the bluesky team worked within the boundaries of existing brand guidelines and a pre-determined brochure format to deliver an altogether different off-the-page experience for the customer. The result is a brochure that doesn’t just look good; it delivers on both crucial functions with equal measure – to inspire and to inform.

With experience and understanding of what’s important to consumers when browsing this product area, bluesky introduced simple symbols to highlight key features; making comparison between ranges quick and easy. Larger ranges offering an extensive choice benefit from helpful step-by-step tips designed to make selecting and buying easy too.

The fresh look and feel has taken the brand’s printed material to a new level. Donna Brown, leading the project for bluesky is a great believer that when it comes to brochures, beauty without substance isn’t enough for today’s consumers;

“Whatever we’re contemplating buying for our homes nowadays, we expect not only to be wowed by the product but to have all the details we need about it at our fingertips before we make our buying decision – what size is it? What’s it made of? Where in the world was it made? Do I have to put it together myself or does it come ready-assembled? Which way do the doors open? Do I have to collect it from store or is it delivered to my home? How do I buy it? It’s surprising how many brochures these days fall down on providing even the most basic information.”

Needless to say the Dreams furniture brochure performs heroically on all points. The new look and feel will follow through to in-store communications and further material as it’s developed.

If you would like some bluesky thinking applied to your literature, call Donna on 01449 765720.


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