Dec 18

New brands for a brand new year.

2018 ended with a bit of a bang, with two new clients both commissioning bluesky for rebrand projects.

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news / Dec 18

At bluesky we love taking a fresh look at a client’s business and we’re delighted to have two exciting new projects to get our teeth into for the new year. Watch this space for some interesting case studies!

A decision to rebrand isn’t one to be taken lightly. Having said that, did you know that companies and brands change their identities on average every 7-10 years? Mostly this just involves a restyle of the logo, a refresh of the colour palette and an update of the use of imagery, but sometimes it calls for a name change too. 

Here are our 5 good reasons for a rebrand:

1. Mergers, acquisitions & demergers

This can sometimes result in a rebrand being a legal requirement of the deal, to make a very obvious and visible change to the market.

2. Repositioning

A rebrand under these circumstances makes a clear statement to stakeholders and customers that you’re going to be doing things differently from now on, with a new strategy.

3. Internationalisation

When you become a global company you may need to change your name, especially if the current name is already active in the same markets or if the name translates badly into certain languages.

4. Reputation

So long as a real change takes place within your company, be it operational, product performance related or service-led, a rebrand can help to shake off a previously held bad reputation.

5. Portfolio change

If your company’s products or services have changed and the current company name is in danger of misleading your customer base, it could be the right time for a rebrand. 

When reviewing options for a new company or brand name, think about how it will work online. Is the URL you’ll need for the website available? Are there similar company names already in existence in your market? Could customers easily mistake their website for yours? Is the name easy to say and spell? Will it translate well across to email addresses? 

When we undertake a branding project at bluesky this is just a taster of the process we work through with you, helping you to make the right decisions and to future-proof your brand as best as you can. 

To find out more call Donna or Steve on 01449 765720 or email us.


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